#I AM ENOUGH- A Women Empowerment Campaign

A global campaign emulated with a mission to re-instill self love, confidence & emotional strengths from Self Doubt & Self Destruction .
Negative thoughts could lead to greater sufferings that could cause mental & physical health which resulted in lack of enthusiasm & productivity .
Let's join hands to give the encouragement needed to both women & men in this current challenging phase .
A collaborative synergy by Adamaya Image Consultancy Malaysia with " What Women Want " International Platform conducted by Professional Local & International Speakers in various fields & expertise .
Stay tuned to our upcoming webinars & online coachings soon. .
Special thanks to all the beautiful beauty queens , friends & professional groups who participated in this video to show support of this campaign .
#Special gratitude to a campaign emulated from the inspirational coachings of a renowned Motivational speaker/therapist Marissa Peer with a poem inspired by Adam Roa .
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A very powerful Affirmation every women should do every day as you look at yourself in the mirror.
Shield yourself from negative thoughts of yourself & from negative people .
What you say to yourself matters. Change your thoughts and your life will change .
Practice this Affirmation:

I Am Enough
I am enough sincerity to give kindness to others
I am enough resilience to face any challenges
I am enough courage to survive the obstacles
I am enough patience to handle the adversities
I am enough humility to own up to my mistakes
I am enough gratefulness to appreciate my talents & well being
I am enough conscience to do what is right
I am enough passion to realise my ambitions
I am enough substance to keep believing & have faith

For everything that I'm not, there is something that I am
For everything that I can't , there is something that I can
I can be happy, I can be free
I can be authentic - infact
I am already me
I'm so grateful for ME
Everything I am for the rest of my life
I will do whatever I can
To remember that I am not a lot of stuff
But there is one thing I am
I Am Enough .
-(an inspirational poem by Adam Roa)
Join me in this campaign to curb Self Doubt & Self Destruction with a mission to uplift the spirit up to gain self confidence & self believe. .
Post up your best picture or a positive interesting vdo of your interpretation of self belief with #I AM ENOUGH on your photo as a way to support this mission.
Sending the love ❤️#I AM ENOUGH