What is Personal Coaching?

Personal Coaching is a one to one form of personalise one to one consultation done on clients who prefers privacy and undivided attention from our consultants. This form of consultation enables us to do a thorough analysis on our clients to cater to their specific needs in overcoming their figure and image challenges. We assure the utmost confidentiality on all our clienteles profile.


How is it done?

Personal Coaching will be conducted in a few stages depending what the client needs and the topics they choose.

It will involve a lot of analysis being done on clients such as :

  • Personality Analysis
  • Color Analysis
  • Body Analysis
  • Wardrobe Review/Personal Shopping to the mall
  • Image Makeover
  • Communication Techniques
  • Protocol
  • Social Etiquette
  • 2 weeks follow up with us
  • Standard Package fee

For Wardrobe Review and Personal Shopping it has to be done at client’s residence as it may involve going through the client’s wardrobe closet to determine & establish the desired result.

Once upon a time, the beautiful Cinderella could not attend the ball because she didn’t have the proper dress to wear. It shows that being beautiful alone is inadequate in making your presence felt; it takes a whole lot more. In Cinderella’s case, a tiara, an amazing dress, and a pair of glass slippers, just to make Prince Charming notice her. Similarly, Adamaya acknowledges the importance of Cinderella’s fairy god mother cum image consultant’s role in the overall transformation, which encompasses intricate attention from head to toe.

What are the charges for Personal Coaching?

The minimum requirement of hours for a full standard course Personal Coaching is 8 hours due to all the necessary procedure that needs to be carried out on clients. Please contact us for more details.

Can the standard 8 hours coaching be segregated on a different day?

Yes. We would be able to oblige the hours accordingly taking into considerations the clients conveniences. However any cancellations of appointment must be done at least 2 days before actual date of appointment. Should the cancellations be done upon our arrival at the consultation venue, the client will lose the hours for that day.

How do we go about booking for Personal Coaching?

Please kindly email a full length picture of yourself and tell us briefly what you are trying to achieve in this consultation and e-mail to adamayaconsultancyservices@gmail.com and state the date you would be free for appointment. We will reply to you within 3 days to confirm the appointment.

Note : For topics such as Wardrobe Review, Personal Shopping, Image Make-over if taken individually may cost higher as it involves liasing with the mall for appointments and personal make-up artiste will be included

We’ll help you reassess your wardrobe so that you’ll be able to decide which ones actually work and vice versa. This review will help you select usable items and do away with the ones that have been letting you down in the past without you knowing it! We’ll show you the “mix & match” technique that reveals the many fascinating ways in which you could use items that you already have in refreshingly new combinations.