"Smart Women Foolish Choices" a book on Women Empowerment on how to Manage Relationships.

If God Brings You To It , HE Will Bring You Through It.
The storm will pass but your job is to keep the willpower and strengths alive within you.
In the moments of movement and chaos , keep the STILLNESS inside you - Deepak Chopra

Why do some smart women end up in bad relationships with the opposite sex?

We're talking about successful women from the highest ranks of corporate organisations to business owners and lawyers-highly intelligent and well respected in their fields. Why do they thrive in their careers but seem so luckless in love?

Sharifah Shawati, a master practitioner of neurolinguistic programming and neuro-semantics, tells you why some strategies for boardroom achievements should be applied to obtain romantic and, hopefully, marital bliss thereafter. If you're planning to go the distance, it makes more sense to regard a relationship as a long-term partnership. Real life stories of failed relationships highlight the pitfalls of allowing yourself to be ruled by your heart instead of your head.

Ultimately, this book aims to educate and inspire women to become individuals of substance and help them manage their thoughts, emotions and behaviours.